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Asphalt Aprons


Asphalt Aprons In Minnesota Weather

John & Jerry specialize in installing asphalt aprons, ideal for Minnesota's challenging weather. We use high-grade asphalt, resistant to the region's freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring durability and minimal cracking. Our installation focuses on ground preparation and drainage to handle seasonal weather shifts. Additionally, we apply protective sealants to guard against deicing chemicals and moisture, making us a top choice for asphalt aprons in Minnesota.

The Importance of   Asphalt Aprons

Asphalt aprons are crucial for where driveways meet garages or roads. They provide a durable, smooth transition that withstands vehicle traffic and heavy loads. These aprons are key in directing water away, preventing erosion and water damage near buildings. Their flexibility makes them suitable for varying temperatures, and their smooth appearance enhances property aesthetics.

Asphalt Garage Apron.jpg

What is a Asphalt Apron?


An asphalt apron is a durable, flexible section connecting a driveway to a garage or roadway. It adapts to ground movements and temperature changes, critical in areas like Minnesota. The apron strengthens the driveway entrance, prevents structural damage, and helps in water drainage. It also improves the overall look of the property with its sleek, uniform surface.

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