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Concrete Patios

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Crafting Durable Concrete Patios in Minnesota's Climate

John & Jerry are experts in designing and installing concrete patios, perfectly suited for the challenging weather conditions in Minnesota. Our approach involves using superior quality concrete that withstands the state's harsh winters and humid summers. We focus on thorough ground preparation and include features like proper drainage and expansion joints to counteract soil movement and temperature changes

Tailored Shape Designs for Unique Concrete Patios

At John & Jerry, we specialize in creating concrete patios that are as unique as our clients. Our expertise lies not just in the construction but in the art of customizing shapes and layouts to fit your specific space and style. We excel in designing patios with varied geometric shapes, from elegant circles to sharp, modern squares and rectangles, ensuring each design complements your outdoor area's existing layout. Our team skillfully arranges these shapes to create a cohesive and visually appealing design, making each patio a distinctive architectural feature of your home.

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