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Concrete Sidewalks


John & Jerry Professional Sidewalk Installation


John & Jerry excels in constructing concrete sidewalks, especially suited for Minnesota's diverse weather. We use a high-quality concrete mix that endures the region's freezing winters and humid summers. Our process includes precise ground preparation and strategic placement of expansion joints to prevent cracking during temperature fluctuations. A key feature of our sidewalks is the slip-resistant finish, essential for safety in icy conditions. Our commitment to quality and weather adaptation makes our concrete sidewalks durable and reliable in Minnesota.

Your pathways and sidewalks are crafted to stand the test of time, resilient against constant foot traffic and nature's elements. Be it the challenges of rain, invasive tree roots, or shifting soil leading to those irksome cracks and uneven surfaces, rest assured, we're here to support you.

No matter what's causing your sidewalk to sink, we're on hand to set things right. We recognize the annoyance and hassle that come with damaged walkways. Our dedicated team is focused on not just repairing the concrete but also bringing back the assurance of having safe and reliable walkways. Your daily journeys deserve the best, and we're committed to providing just that.

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